Sunday 21 August 2016

House rule insanity

I really like reading other people's house rules and I love it when people put their collected house rules together and post 'em on the net. Even if their take on things are minimalist tweaks that do little more than satisfy their anal retentive vision, no-shit-sherlock insights that occurred to everyone else years ago, or unplaytested  ridiculosity that clearly won't work, I still love 'em. The more detailed, the heartbreakier, the mashed up I-can't-even-remember-where-this-came-from hackier the better. Hell, I've bought numerous retroclones just to pick at what their house rules to standard D&D were (I have a dream where every clone also has a summary of house rules and hacks that make it different to the edition/s it riffs off - however I'm not holding out for this as "yeah this is 96.5% the same apart from these few rules" is not a great selling point).

In the spirit of this love, and the share and share alike ethos of OSR / DIY D&D here's the house rules document for my upcoming game. Basically it's B/X D&D hacked to have the spirit of Rolemaster... by way of untold bits stolen and inspired from other games (mainly with D&D DNA, and then mainly OSR stuff)... massaged slightly for play with the setting from the Symbaroum RPG.... and is likely anal retentive, insightless and ridiculous. 

Except for a few odd weirdos like me who eat up this stuff this post aught to be roundly ignored.

Game on.

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